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About us

Personal loan expert’s mission is to help people in short term money crunch situations in life. Personal loan expert works hard to protect consumers like you from unfair and illegal practices in the personal loan industry. We hold ourselves to a strict moral and ethical standard to uphold such standards.

  • Making sure all our customers are informed about the process of borrowing money, about their responsibilities as borrowers, and consequences of not paying back loans.
  • We are transparent to our customers and treat them with respect.
  • We hold ourselves to a high standard of service and customer satisfaction.
  • We ensure that each lender or lending partner we are affiliated with is reputable and follows responsible lending practices.


Lenders and Lending Partners

Here at Personal Loan Expert, we work only with responsible lenders or lending partners who are authorized to lend cash to consumers in the form of personal / installment loans. Each lender or lending partner also has their own terms and conditions in regards to interest rates, the requirements on repayment and the repercussions of being late on a payment, missing a payment or rolling over a payment.